Friday, April 1, 2016

Random 5 Friday

Joining in on the fun with Nancy at for random 5 Friday.

1. Waking up on April Fool's day with a backed up sewer line is NO joke...

2.  I was hoping to go look at a friend's chicken coop today, but the sewage issue is going to cancel that plan.

3.  We still cannot find a table and chairs for the breakfast nook.  This is frustrating...

4.  I love out here in our new place.  I hope the plumbing problem will be short lived...we've never lived on a septic system before, but we are trying to do everything right.

5.  DH is talking about building our chicken coop this weekend. Yay!


  1. Have a good weekend in spite of everything, I hope the problems are resolved soon.

  2. A sewer line problem is no joke ... even on April Fools. Good luck. Chickens ... Yippee!!!! Happy Friday!

  3. I am SO HAPPY to see you here.
    I'm looking forward to April 2nd . . . this day is playing unfriendly tricks on folk.
    love & love,

  4. Yeah that sewer issue does not sound fun at all.
    Hope you find the right table/chairs.
    Will look forward to seeing the new chicken coop.

  5. Just became a new follower. I'd love it if you would add the Follow By E-Mail feature to your sidebar.

    1. Thank you for following, Ida. I will try to add the follow-by-email feature.

    2. Thank you for following, Ida. I will try to add the follow-by-email feature.

  6. Good luck with the sewer issue! Chicken coop sounds great! love hen-fresh eggs! When you find the right table and chairs, you'll just know. Have a great weekend!

  7. So sorry about the septic system... fortunately, we have not had any issues (knock on wood.) Looking forward to hearing more about your new digs. xo


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