Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween

In past years, we have taken the Monkeys out for Trick Or Treat in the neighborhood.  It's a little different than I remember, growing up living on a dead end street where there was no traffic and only friends to visit--no strangers.  In our subdivision, even after 10 years, most folks are still strangers.

My other issue with the event, is the candy.  First, the Monkeys will bug me incessantly to get candy.  Second, neither DH nor I need to have that sort of sweet temptation around the house.  So, what to do about it?  Yes, I know all about 'being the adult' and saying 'No!' (trust me on that last one!), but sometimes I feel a compromise is called for.

Two years ago I thought up a workable solution to my problems with Halloween.  The Monkeys get to have costumes and be scary.  They get to decorate the yard, and carve pumpkins too.  I even buy candy....more on that later.  I bring home a take 'n bake pizza or two, a dessert pizza, dry ice and scary movies to watch.  I break out the popcorn popper.

So what's the catch you ask?  It sure looks like I caved on the whole event, right?  WRONG!  The Monkeys are responsible for giving away all the candy to the kids who show up at our porch.  My kids get all the fun of Halloween, and learn to give while they're at it.  I get to see the cute costumes on other kids, and I don't have to deal with the candy in MY house.  My kids get to watch some or all of a scary movie (this year it was The Thing, remake#2), have pizza and dessert and maybe even popcorn if they can stay awake long enough.

As for the movie selection this year, I was trying to find the original The Thing (with James Arness as the monster).  But no joy on that.  I couldn't even snag the John Carpenter 1982 remake.  I was stuck with the latest remake, which wasn't very good, though I found it interesting that the Norwegians in the film in Antarctica, had a revolver, a 9mm, AND a real military-type Flame Thrower.  What on earth would a science station in Antarctica need with a military flame thrower?  But at least they did have some firepower, and tried to kill it with fire!  (* Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure!")

Did your kids have fun last night?  Did you have many scary ghosts and goblins visiting?


  1. Oh what a great idea your kids are learning the art of giving without a sugar high. I loved the original Thing too. Sounds like you had a great night. With no kids living here now and only two cute little visitors I fell asleep in my chair:) B

  2. We live way out in the country with a security fence. There are no Trick Or Treaters. We enjoyed the day about the same way y'all did (sans kids) by having an intimate costumed gathering of friends, watching old B&W horror movies, and munching down on tasties. It was glorious fun! My favorite version of The Thing is the one with Kurt Russell. I've had a crush on him since High School (now you know how old I am). *lol*

  3. We are too rural to have truck or treated but it sounds like you all have a fun time!

  4. No right or wrong way to celebrate -- sounds like you all had a fun night!


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