Friday, November 15, 2013

Random 5 Friday 11/15/13

It's been an decent week, but somehow lacking inspiration for R5F this week.  I think there may be a thoughtful post trying to work its way to the front of my mind, but it isn't here yet...

1.  The weather has taken a turn for the chilly, and we had our first freeze Tuesday night.  Die mosquitos! Die fire ants!  Die, die, die!!

2.  The colder weather makes it more difficult to finish painting the exterior of the house.  DH did get up on the roof the other day to paint the chimney housing.  Now I have to figure out how to paint under-around-through-over the photinia hedge on the north side.  Blech!  I say just chainsaw the whole thing down!

3.  My kids are discovering the OLD Star Trek series movies.  I remember waiting in line to see Star Trek:  The Motion Picture.  I remember the flyby sequence early in the film, where we saw the Enterprise for the first time, since the TV series was cancelled, the crowd cheering...and the utter disappointment at the crappy recycled plot they chose for the film.  The Monkeys are all fans of ST: TNG...and have never seen the original TV shows.

4. We finished reading Freedom Train:  The Story of Harriet Tubman this week for school.   Her story touched me far more than I had expected.  I think I would have liked to have met her, given the chance.

5. My exercise regimen has slipped more this fall, I am sad to report.  I am sleeping better these nights, which is good, but feel like I am slipping into hibernation mode.  I want and need to get out and get active, but it hasn't been happening.  The chill and the dark are taking their toll.


  1. oh my you sounded just like my auntie Wanda with your chainsaw comment and she kept me in stitches all of her life, I would have liked to have met Harriet Tubman very much. I say to heck with exercise, and yahoo to your better sleeping nights.

  2. I do not like the time change either which is why I try to stay so busy during waking hours....:)JP

  3. Morning.
    My Mom is the biggest Star Trek fan I know she still watches it everyday on the Space Channel.
    I will check out the book Freedom Train sounds like something I would enjoy.
    I am looking forward to hibernation:) B

  4. My exercise decreases in the fall too. I humor the decrease in running every year for about a month, and then it stabilizes at a lower level and I start adding in yoga or weights to try to make up for what is lacking in mileage. I'm hoping to hit around 110 miles this month. We'll see.

  5. i love that book Freedom Train. so remember that memory big time. ( :

  6. I sure agree about the glad they are gone. The cold weather makes me want to sleep in...a lot. I tend to like to get up with the daylight/sun. If it is still dark, I think I should still be sleeping.

  7. I hear you on the exercise thing -- when it's 30 degrees and the wind is blowing -- not really tempting... :)

  8. i've been really bad about exercising the last couple of weeks too, and eating terribly....gah!

  9. Hibernation Mode??? I hear that. What to do . . .

    Harriet Tubman??? Wowzer - she rocked. I can't even imagine how brave she had to be.

  10. I am having the same issue regarding exercise outdoors and the cold. I need to get out of this mode and I plan on walking today.


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