Thursday, November 14, 2013

Putting down roots...

Back last month, Mom and her neighbor gifted us with a bag of Oriental Iris corms and mutant daffodils.  I love iris, and the daffodils are always pretty, even if these are probably no longer yellow (mutant bulbs that cross pollinated with a different variety).  My biggest problem is finding a place to plant them all.  Monkey3 and I  put a batch of the iris out front, while the other two Monkeys planted their irises in the back yard somewhere...?  Then #3 and I set to work on the daffodils, filling up a small ex-planter area, and interspersing more around the sage and cherry bush.  If it works, and they all come up in Spring and flower, it should look nice.

If....ya know, about the only things guaranteed to live in Texas soil are dandelions and fire ants!  Still, should things planted live long and prosper, I will have pictures this Spring to share.


  1. my Mom had tons of Iris' in a dead hard rock clay soil with rottenly cold winters and hot, hot summers when I was growing up, I bet your spring photos are going to be quite glorious worth all of the Monkeys work.

  2. Lu put in some late veggies in that planter I built. Yeah, maybe should have waited for Spring. At least the thing didn't fall down.


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