Friday, November 22, 2013

R5F 11/22/13

Yet another week has flown by this year, and year's end draws closer still.  Feel free to post your R5F links in the comments here, and be sure to visit A Rural Journal too to share your Random 5 with nancy and the rest of the crew!

1.  Fall colors finally got to north Texas.  Yellow is the dominant color, followed by browns, with the few reds being provided by photinia shrubs and Bradford Pears in the subdivisions.

2.  This upcoming Thanksgiving, has me pondering those things I am thankful for--those blessings oft not acknowledged unless one is prompted to think on them.  I suspect there will be a post next week on blessings received.

3.  My Monkeys are pondering an interest in sewing things.  Monkey3 wanted a pillow of her own, raided my fabric supplies, and with me showing her how things worked, helped me cut, piece and sew up her pillow.  Mostly she ran the "throttle" on the sewing machine whilst I steered...  Now Monkey 2 wants one of his own too.
4.   Living in DFW it is hard this month to avoid all the JFK-orabelia going on.  I don't think there is any good reason to sanctify JFK, though due to an accident of birth, I have always been interested in what happened here, back 50 years ago now.

5.  We have a ride scheduled for tomorrow.  It's going to be COLD!  The high temp of the day is only supposed to be 40F and the winds 15-30mph from the north.  Oh and the chance of rain...Neither of us is probably good for more than 40 miles, but the ride is set for 60.  I hope we make it!  I hope we don't freeze!


  1. Oh Monkey 3 you did a lovely job it is beautiful. B

  2. Brrr - stay warm on your ride!

    The pillow turned out very cute.

  3. Your Monkey did a great job on the pillow! It's very cute and looks snuggly :)

  4. Oh this is fun even sew something! A beautiful pillow...
    Have a good ride, not to cold :-)
    Thanksgiving we don't know in Germany, I think this is a lack -

  5. she did a great job and fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow.

  6. pretty - i love those pillow colors. so cheerful. ( :

  7. We have more of the reds,oranges of fall here. I love all the colors of autumn though.

    How wonderful your kids are interested in learning to sew. I tried to learn but it just wasn't my thing.

    I well remember that day 50 years ago and I don't know but life may have been very different for us if JFK had lived. You never know what an impact he may or may not have had on your life.


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