Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hmm...mildly better news.

From my doc that is.  He still says I do not need meds for cholesterol or blood pressure.  His orders were to get back on the bike and ride!  Oh, and keep trying to eat better.  So YAY!

I did tell him I had added resistance training with the Bowflex this past week.  He agreed it was a good plan in tandem with the cycling.

Now, if only it would warm up so I don't have to go out dressed in the cyclists version of Nanook of the North!

Yeah I know to you Northerners, it doesn't look that cold.  But I have to ride in the evenings/night, so the high's aren't so high when I get on the bike.  If I could ride in the light of day, it wouldn't be so bad.


  1. I'm a motorcyclist, so, yeah, that's COLD! With that air whistling past your skin it gets nippy.

    Now visions of Nanook of the North are dancing in my head. *lol* Hope it warms up soon for y'all. ~:)

  2. Oh +4 C here tomorrow will be balmy and good advice from Doc just ride:) Hug B

  3. Yep, it's time. Now that the bathroom is mostly done Lu and I are going to break out the bikes. In fact, I think we'll go this morning. Thanks for the motivation MW!!

  4. Oh those temps are great!!! This morning it was a whopping 6F but has now gone up to 32!!!...:)JP

  5. Oooh, i wish i could ride a bike - around here it might not be the best idea . . . Happy happy news Indeed!


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