Friday, March 7, 2014

Random 5 Friday 03/07/14

As usual, I am linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday, where you share 5 random thoughts or observations about yourself, the world, your kids or pets, whatever.

1.  DH  had part one of his sleep study last weekend.  He hated it, being wired up again.  We made a mistake of not requesting a bed that had the equipment on the left side, (his side of the bed).  This meant he was also sleeping on a possibly cracked rib...  Does this look like a happy face?

2.  The recent cold weather trashed my daffodils.  We only got to enjoy them for a day before they froze.  I am hoping the remainder will bloom, since they were not blooming when the hard freeze hit.

3.  Welcome to the new Cold War!  The Bear is back, and I betcha the KGB is ecstatic.  And we're stuck with a neo-Carter in the WH, and the Ketchup King as the Sec. of State... I think we are doomed.

4. Has anyone seen a good film lately?  I could be persuaded to see if one was on Uverse, or out on DVD yet, but it seems every time I go into the DVD rental shop, I've either seen it, or don't want to see it.  Let me know your suggestions in the comments, and I will try to let folks know what I have seen already.

5.  It seems to be a bad time if you're an alligator or a crocodile!  As witnessed by these two stories in the news this week...
Snake VS Crocodile 
and Otter VS Alligator

Honestly I was surprised at the outcome of both battles.  Kind of puts a twist on what most folk would think as the top predator in those environments...


  1. I could never understand those sleep studies...a person cannot "sleep" well with all that junk!!! The pres tells me I am his monitor!!!...:)JP

  2. Oh he does not look happy at all:)
    I recently watched Serenity I loved it but I am a Firefly fan:)
    Poor yellow beauties. Hug B

  3. I have no idea how people can sleep during a sleep study. It looks so uncomfortable.

    It's not a movie, but we just finished watching season 2 of Dual Survival on dvd, and it is awesome!

  4. aw your poor hubby, he does not look happy at all! i can't wait to see 12 years a slave but i don't think it comes out for a couple more weeks...i just rented "freebirds" an animated film about turkeys and's really cute! have a great weekend :)

  5. Your poor husband! Did he sleep at all? I am so sad for you and your daffodils. Hopefully the rest will bloom and brighten your garden!

  6. I'm with everyone else. Not sure I could sleep at all with all those wires hooked to me. #3 had me nodding my head as I agree with you. We just saw the second Hobbit, but I'm a huge High Fantasy fan and know this genre is not for everyone. Hope your daffs return before summer!

  7. Monkeywrangler,

    Hope the sleep study results help your Hubby. It is so important to have a good nights rest.

    Spring is near, but not here. I can't believe you had daffodils bloom already. Good think you captured a shot of them.

    Thank You for the birthday wishes. I wonder if blogging will still be around in 17 years.

  8. Can't understand how a sleep study can get an accurate measure of one's sleep when it is not normal to be hooked up! We are in the same boat and have decided it is worth the $5 to pay for a movie through cable. Beats going out in this cold.

  9. So sorry about hubby! Mine would not put up with it!

    The Russia thing -- scary!

    Looking forward to my daffs.


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