Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday 03/21/14

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.

This has been a decent week I think.

1.  Spring has arrived it appears here in NTX.  Thursday, the official first day of Spring, was sunny and in the mid seventies for temps, with fairly mild winds.  Hopefully there will be more spring rains to come, as the lake levels are sadly low.

2.  DH has been sleeping better with the CPAP.  he has even been reaching  REM sleep, and has told me that he has been able to remember dreaming.  Even though he is still in the CPAP learning curve/adjustment period, he IS doing better.  I am so relieved!

3.  My replacement new smartdumbphone is not working a lot better than the old one.  Its problem seems to be Android 4.3(Jelly bean) more than anything.  My carrier, has just released the software update to 4.4 (Kitkat) for my phone, but I am leery of jumping aboard too quickly.  Last time I did that, I got stuck with 4.3 and all of its inherent problems.  I think I will wait another week maybe, before trying to update to the newer software.

4.  Friends, I'd appreciate it if you would say a prayer for my friend, Six and his wife Lu( and Angus of course!), over at The Warrior Class.  Their dog Angus, a young black Lab, has to have surgery next week to try to clear up a bone infection that developed around a plate and screws that held his leg together when it broke last year.

5.  Seems I was remiss in posting a couple pics of our storm shelter.  So here you go!  Note they are old pics, as there isn't much grass left on the mound these days...
Charlie, back when he was in his prime...
Looking in, feeding peanut butter to Cody and Charlie.


  1. Oh I do hope Angus gets better real soon that is hard.
    LOve love your shelter set up. It looks perfect we never worry about things like that here I do know we are very lucky.
    Glad the CPAP is helping dreaming is good.
    Too bad about your phone good luck. Hug B

  2. That's such a neat storm shelter!

    I hope Angus does well w/ the surgery.

  3. An awesome storm shelter, complete with peanut butter and dog!!! Good to hear hubby is a dapting well...a big relief for you!!!...:)JP


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