Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Musings 03/03/14 Daffy dill!

It's bloomin' weather!

Or rather, it WAS bloomin' weather...the ice came in the form of sleet and hail  yesterday.  Poor Shiloh had just gone outside when the hail hit.  We let her in right away, but she was not too pleased at being pelted by small,marble-sized chunks of ice! 

This morning's weather, while essentially clear skies, was a wee bit chilly for the 3rd of March.
I want my 60's back!  No, not the decade, the temperature!

Over the weekend, we added a Bowflex resistance machine to the mix of exercise equipment in the household.  It was a used machine, which made it imminently affordable, and is one of their former high end units.  It will allow all of us, kids included, to get some resistance workouts in a safer-than-freeweights format.  Weight work is something DH and I agree we both need, and all the kids will benefit from some strength training too.

What is going on in the Ukraine right now is getting a bit scary.  First the civilian population successfully ousts the pro-Russian government.  Then "mysterious" armed force descends into the Crimea and occupies key areas like airports and sea ports.  These men are in unmarked black uniforms.  Then non-Ukrainian troops in Russian marked transports show up at various Ukrainian military posts.  The new government in Ukraine, begs for Europe and the US to honor its treaty committments...and we sit around and fiddle, while the Ukraine burns.  It's hard to believe that in some 30 years we have gone from the Big Dog on the block, able to put the Bear in his place, to a yapping little punt-dog...



  1. The goings on in the Ukraine are beyond sad...we are the generation who doesn't like to sit and watch!!! Like your flower growing under adversity, we don't like to remain stagnant...:)JP

  2. Thank you for mentioning Ukraine -
    I sure wish i could make some difference from here.

    I love that you actually had a flower . . which means more to come.

    Dry land - will be such a welcome thing. (smile)

    Happy Day!

  3. Oh it is so cold here I thought I would break as I fell on the ice. Yes indeed spring and daffodils will be welcome here too. It is -30 Celsius here today with the windchill I have no idea what that is in the USA:). Scary stuff the Ukraine.
    To answer your question we call ourselves farmers,it seems ranchers in Canada tend to have a lot more cows. B

  4. SE Georgia has Daffy Dills blooming all over the road sides. Their lovely yellow faces seem to be smiling and saying, "We're here! Spring can start now." Works for me.

    The Ukraine. I sympathize with their plight. I guess everyone within a 50 mile radius knows my thoughts on O'bama's alleged foreign policies but here goes: this is all planned. They're doomed, I think, just like Georgia (the country, not my State). This goes along with the total and absolute destruction of America. Remember the open mic faux pas with his fellow Russian? Yeah. This is part of his "I can be more flexible" moment.

    I need a Bowflex. I'm tired of my exercise being restricted to throwing objects at the TV. ~:)

  5. Congrats on your Bowflex find -- they are usually very expensive.

  6. I considered a bowflex once when I saw one in a thrift store that was in really good condition. In the end, I didn't get it, but only because we have so many free weights I can use. I bet your family will enjoy it!

  7. Sparky-Lisa-Nancy--if you want to find a Bowflex, try Craigslist in your area. Most all the older flex-rod style machines (not the new cam-style) are selling for about 1/10th of new price. You can get a nice one for 100-200$, provided you can stand dealing with flaky sellers on CL, until you find a normal person selling one.


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