Sunday, March 9, 2014

Unseen faces

15 years ago I married this face, and the man attached to it....but I have never seen it all before today.  DH has had this moustache for 19 years--longer than I have known him.   The beard is only slightly younger.  It is the only face of my husband I have ever seen, until today.
With his diagnosis of apnea and his concerns over being fitted properly for a mask, my better half decided it was time for a change.  Something had to go...
It was sort of like Extreme Makeover--husband style!  After all, it was only a year or two ago when he shaved his hair off (it was departing on its own at a high rate of speed anyway).  It didn't take long for me to get used to it, though Cody-dog was spooked the first time he saw DH without hair.
Keep going, love...that mask still won't fit well over that 'stache!  Meanwhile, I am trying to get used to the 'naked face' look.
Hmm...I wonder if he can trim that back into Marine Corps standard?  I can see he's trying! 
Nah!  Shave it all off!  Oops, watch out there on the upper lip!  There's no guard on those clippers.  I'd hate to have to break out the Celox!
Somebody has to check out how it feels to be fur-free.  He says his face is cold now!

These pics were all shot before he got showered and shaved this morning.  So, he did in fact shave properly before church today, and I have to say, he cleaned up good! 

This is a face I haven't seen until today, apart from one old picture of him when he met Greg Lemond.  Back then he was clean shaven and had a full head of hair.  This is different. 


  1. Proud of the "lifestyle" change! Those masks can be a bear, so he is good to just be off with the hair altogether. Have fun getting to know your new man!! =)

  2. Happy Anniversary I think he looks very dapper:) Hug B

  3. My husband shaved off his handle-bar mustache a few years ago on a whim and I would not have recognized him in a crowd of people. Fun that you captured this extreme makeover for your blog.

  4. The Pres has had his mustache FOR EVER...he will never part with it...NEVER!!!...:)JP

  5. Happy Anniversary! We'll be celebrating our 35th this coming August. Where has the time gone?!

    I can understand why DH shaved but I like men with hairy faces. Clean faces are so boring. *lol* My hubby has a beard and moustache. Hope he never has to part with them.

    Good luck with the mask. Hope it does what it's suppose to do. ~:)

  6. Sorry for any confusion... our anniversary was about 2 months ago. I mentioned the bit about 15 years just to give folks an idea how long he had the beard and moustache, and how long I have known him.

  7. I bet it'll be a nice change for him. And the mask is bound to be a lot more comfortable.

  8. A handsome man! Tell DH us smooth headed guys are just naturally more sexy.


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