Friday, March 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday 03/28/14

Linking up as usual with A Rural Journal and Nancy for Random 5 Friday!  I am getting an early start on this entry this week, beginning it on a Monday...why, you ask?  Because this week is off to such an ouch-standing start!
1.  DH does not like to go to the dentist.  So of course, the CPAP has been drying things out, orally, and the result was some tooth pain.  A four-figures $ bill and two crowns later, he should have the issues fixed.  I had planned to schedule the Monkeys for their checkups, but I think I will wait a month now....

2.  A gutter along the back of the house got installed last weekend, to protect the paver patio from runoff.  We will also hook up some water storage barrels, to catch the water and store it for landscape watering use, assuming it rains again.  A pity though, as our town does not offer any financial incentives to reduce water usage, unlike our neighboring town which waves cash at its residents for using rain barrels, high efficiency washers and dryers, and smart irrigation systems.

3.   Still dealing with various medical issues this week beyond the dental ones.  Hopefully, everything will sort itself out for the better, and soon! 

4. We have had some rain this week--not a lot, but enough to make the dogs' paws muddy, and make a mess in my kitchen.  Even with using towels to clean paws, it still leaves a mess to sweep and vacuum up.  If I could get grass growing out back it would cut down on the mess a lot.  If...

5.  News reports make it look like they are close to recovering debris that is probably from MH370.  Satellite photos indicate at least 2 large fields of something floating in the water--some 400+ objects of various sizes.  Hopefully they will get some aircraft over it soonest, and then some ships in the area to see what it really is.  For the sake of the families involved, I hope it gives them some answers, and some closure.  Perhaps their final legacy will be a better aircraft tracking/reporting system...


  1. Dental care is so expensive and most insurance sucks. Sounds like you've been busy with really do need Spring to lighten the load!!!!...:)JP

  2. Well, I have to admit that dental experience doesn't sound like much fun...

  3. Ouch for sure on Dental Bills...still paying on my own so I understand.
    I've never heard of cities paying to conserve water.
    We've got rain, you want some?
    Yes that who missing plane issue was so bizarre. Here in our state they are dealing with a horrible mud-slide (not near where I live) that killed atleast 24 so far.

  4. Sorry to hear y'all are having so many medical issues. It must be something in the wind. After my husband had to have a new crown, I'm of the mind that dental care (like eye glasses) is a rip off. Not that we shouldn't have it done, but that dentists see us coming and take full advantage of that.

    Even though it's incredibly sad, it's a good thing that the MH370 was found. It's a good thing that such events are a rarity.

    Y'all have a great weekend. ~:)

  5. I think this time of year I could mop our kitchen floor twice a week from the dogs dirty paws.

  6. Boo on the dental expenses -- but a necessary expense to be sure. Hope your hubs is feeling better now.

    I admit I let the muddy paw prints accumulate for a week or so before I mop. Just no way to keep up with it otherwise.

    And the plane disappearance? I'm wondering if they will ever find it.

  7. Here's hoping the dental bills will turn out to be an April fools joke.


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