Sunday, April 14, 2013

Funshow AAR

So I went to the big Fun-and-Knife-show in Dallas this weekend. Wow...been a while since I went to a decent show, let alone with cash in hand!  No, fear not my friends, I was not part of the buying panic.  I was paying a gentleman for some work he'd done for us, as well as looking for some small stuff.  An added bonus was there was a significant knife maker presence this time!

It is rare to be in a huge crowd, in a confined area, and yet have everyone be polite.  But you trend to experience that at a Funshow.

A fair bit of time was spent wandering the floor, half laughing, half appalled, over ammunition prices.   I mean, seriously, $209.95 for a single bulk pack of Federal .22lr, 550CT, or Remington Golden 525CT?  Needless to say I think that dealer will be hauling all that ammo home Sunday night!   Least you think I'm joking, here's the pic I took.
The knife show side of things was great! My favorite production knife maker, Spyderco, sent 2 reps to man a booth and show off the knives.  They had some swag, and were really pleasant folks to chat with. 

Doug Ritter, yes, THAT Doug Ritter, was there too. We spoke with him briefly too.  He is working hard here in Texas to remove some of the arcane knife laws we are burdened with in this great state.

There were a number of custom knife makers there.  Several had some very interesting blades available, all at very reasonable prices.  I might have to pick one up in the future.  Check out CenTex Blades amd Dawson Knives.

Overall, I had a great time, though I really wish the panic over ammo etc. would resolve itself.  I am really glad the knife folks turned out in force too.  That really made my day!

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  1. the price of ammo, IF you can find it, is outrageous! the government is buying it as fast as they can and that's making it difficult on the rest of us.


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