Friday, April 19, 2013

Random 5 Fact Friday 04/19/13

This week's installment of random facts.

1. April seems to be a month full of tragedy and historical content.  From Lexington & Concord, to Oklahoma City and the siege at Waco, Texas City to Boylston St, Boston, Columbine, CO and now West, Texas...

2.  The grass seed we planted out back to cover the large bare area is finally sprouting.  Now if we could just keep the Couch Snurgler out of the mud there, it might actually survive.

3.  It was 80deg Wednesday.  Thursday's high was 48deg with rain.  I guess I won't put up all the warm clothes quite yet!

4.  Our youngest is becoming quite the cook.  She already loves to make ginger snap cookies all on her own.  They even taste good!

5.  This week's light reading is Citadel, by John Ringo, part II of the Troy Rising series.  It's fun, and a little reading before bed, helps me to fall asleep easily.


  1. So much sadness lately.
    I would love some ginger cookies, I wish my daughter was here baking:) Have a nice weekend. B

  2. The Virginia Tech shootings also happened in April :-( For such a beautiful month it has seen its share of tragedy.

  3. April does seem to be full of tragedy. So much sadness this week.

  4. In all the tragedy, there is hope, heroes and more people helping than hurting. I try to remember that!

    I laughed when you said, "They even taste good!" as if that was a surprise, lol!

  5. Send your daughter here. I love ginger snaps and could use a baker! :D :D

  6. I hadn't focused on it but you are right. April is a bad month for awful things. But there are good things to outweigh the tragedy. No, I'm not putting away my warm clothing yet, either.

  7. that is great about being a good cook. a wonderful talent indeed. ( :

    i love how you say "light reading"... what do you do for "heavy reading"?

  8. Lisa @2Bears, I did not mean to omit VA Tech, I just did not recall when that occurred. Thanks for letting me know.

    Beth--light reading is entertainment fiction (sci-fi usually). Heavy reading is history, often military history.

  9. Eliot said April is the curellest month and that's proven true, once again. It's turned cold here and the heat has been turned down LOW. I'm using a little safe space heater in the bedroom; that's the only way I'm sleeping warm tonight.


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