Thursday, April 25, 2013

S. 792 The Senate is at it again.

Yes, our Dearly Electeds are at it again, with Sen. Reid introducing irrelevant legislation on behalf of Sen. Lautenberg (out sick) in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. 

S.792 would require a background check any time an individual wished to purchase reloading powder.  A background check?  Are you kidding me?  The bombs in Boston did not even USE reloading powder according to this article!  They bought large scale fireworks back in February and were scavenging powder from those, not using smokeless powder.

This is just more idiocy from the LibProgs, like that in Kali, where they are attempting to ban lead in bullets and tax ammunition.  They claim the lead will leach into the ground and poison the water...well, my question to them is this:  Where do they think the lead came from in the first place?!  The ground!  Idiots...

So be sure to call your Dearly Electeds in the Sellout I mean Senate, and tell them to oppose S.792.  Be sure to also hammer the Usual Suspects.  You can find a fairly comprehensive list of them here.

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  1. the stuff I've been reading makes me sick! this is being used to target innocent citizens and assault the Constitution beginning with the Second Amendment.


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