Monday, September 9, 2013


I have been suffering of late.  It has been a self-imposed sufferfest however, as I was honestly too lazy to get around to roasting my own beans for my morning cuppa.  It's been hot, and I've been busy and tired in the evenings.  There, I've admitted it.  I love GOOD coffee, (As if you couldn't tell, from the background picture on the blog!) but in a pinch will drink swill.  You can tell from looking at my cup if I think the coffee is decent or not.

Good coffee = cream and sugar added
Swill=drink it black

DH is not too particular about his morning cup.  He says he is fine with the Walmart Dark Roast.  I can drink it too, if I make it uber-strong.  I can even use enough grounds to require cream and sugar...though it doesn't really make it 'good' coffee, just strong.

A long time ago, I learned about home-roasting coffee.  I bought a dedicated roaster.  I wore it out.  I had it repaired, 3-4x I think.  I bought an air-popper.  A Poppery II.  I burned it out in short order too.  I was becoming depressed at the dual thoughts of bad coffee, an/or having to spend a fortune on a high end dedicated roaster.  The good ones are NOT cheap.  (A note to prospective home roasters, you just can't roast in the house unless you want to set off the smoke alarms and summon the Fireguys.)

Coffee salvation appeared at last on Fleabay one day, in the form of an Original Poppery (I), not the II model.  The #1 Poppery was made right.  It's built like a tank with a  massive cast aluminum roasting chamber.  This thing is overbuilt, and just what I needed.  I have accidentally forgotten a roast session, and it has run nonstop for 30min.  The beans were mini-briquets by then, but the roaster was fine.  A lesser machine would've suffered a meltdown.

I used to buy the beans exclusively from Sweet Maria's, but with the price of coffee going up up up, I often end up going to CCM Coffee instead.  Their selection isn't as broad, and the beans are not quite as expensive.  Either location will serve the home roast fan well.  Sweet Maria's has a lot of information for the home roaster, to guide you in your coffee adventures.  It is helpful, especially when just starting out, so you can learn how to ID the different levels of roast. 

If you LOVE coffee, and have an adventurous spirit, you too might enjoy home roasting.  You will get the best results from a French Press for brewing your coffee too.


  1. Well I'm glad you found a good solution!

  2. Excellent coffee is one of life's greatest pleasures.

  3. Live and learn. I had no idea about the corn popper. :)

  4. I LOVE Coffee -
    I LOVE Your story

    I won't try it at home . . .

    I DO Hope Your Suffering is OVER -

    because - if it isn't - I'll have to feel bad- Because Your Post Has Given me Such Joy . .

  5. Home roasting - how adventurous!!


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