Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rain is a GOOD thing!

Well, the weather guessers were right for once!  I should've known, since the Silverado Sage was blooming all this week...we have gotten rain!  It did start late Thursday night, and by 11:00pm, we'd gotten a measured 1.25", and on Friday by 9am, another .5".  So we are almost to the 2" I was hoping for.  Yay!  And even better, it was supposed to continue to rain on and off all day Friday.  (Writing this Friday morning for posting on Saturday.)

Rain is a GOOD thing!

This is the official youtube video from Luke Bryan.  My Monkeys love to sing and dance along with this one.

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  1. We're getting ours tonight, although right now we have had a surplus for the year...:)JP


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