Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twelve Years Ago...

Twelve years ago today, Evil flew in the skies over this country.
08:46:30 EDT Flt. 11 hits Tower 1
09:03:02 EDT Flt. 175 hits Tower 2
09:37:06 EDT Flt. 77 hits the Pentagon
09:58:09 EDT Tower 2 collapses
10:03:11 EDT Flt. 93 crashes into a field in PA
10:28:22 EDT Tower 1 collapses

Twelve years ago today, I was sitting in my truck before work, and heard a news flash about an airplane and a skyscraper.

Twelve years ago today, some 3000+ people died when those planes hit those 3 buildings and one field in Pennsylvania.

Twelve years ago today, only 19 of those 3000+ people awoke, knowing they were already dead men.

Twelve years ago today, I was 6mo pregnant with our first child.

2001 was an eventful year for me--I totaled my truck on Bambi (and dang it,  there wasn't enough left of her to salvage ANY venison!), I was in the midst of my first pregnancy (talk about emotional/physical roller coasters), I was working in a job I despised, with people I knew and loved, 9/11 happened (talk about adding new stress!), I left my job to go on baby-leave and never went back (YAY!) and I delivered our first healthy child.

Remember what happened that day--where you were, what you thought or felt or feared or did.  Remember those who were lost.  This was our generation's Pearl Harbor.  Never forget!

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  1. I was traveling for my work when it happened. I remember the entire week so well. What a horrible event.


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