Friday, September 6, 2013

Random 5 Friday 09/06/13

Back to R5F this week!  Hope everyone's week has gone well.

1.  I'm sorting out what curriculum to buy for this year's schooling.
I am partial to Sonlight's stuff.  I am debating inflicting Latin on them.

2.  We are aggregating the remaining bits for when our latest cycling addition (n+1) is ready to pick up.  More on "Serenity" later...

3.  The garage purge is proving somewhat profitable this week, as I have sold some of the more valuable bits on 'Fleabay'.  I wonder what we can get rid of from the attic next???

4.  The weather is turning slowly toward Fall.  Daytime highs are now below 100F, and the nights are in the low to mid 70's.  It even rained the other night.

5.  I'd like to get back out to the range for some practice, but it is not yet cool enough.  The Sand Pit is rather like a giant solar reflector oven during the summer. 


  1. Getting rid of stuff is such a good feeling and once it's gone, you won't replace it is wonderful!...:)JP

  2. I know about hot weather all to well I lived in the desert for almost 40 years. I finally escaped...


  3. I need to tackle a garage purge myself...hmmm, the attic could use a look also! My friend in Texas tells me it's been a real scorcher, and I feel bad when I talk about the lovely rainstorms and the cool night temps of the upcoming fall. Hang in there! And thanks for the "garage purge" inspiration! Aloha

  4. i've got tubs of clothes i have to go through and list! such a daunting task!

  5. I have lots of stuff, but not much ambition to list it. :)

  6. With the trips back and forth to visit Dad and Bro in the hospital out West, I've done just enough range time to hit target if accosted by a Beluga Whale. Enjoy it when you get out there.


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