Friday, September 27, 2013

Random 5 Friday 09/27/13

Getting an early start on R5F this week.  If you see this in your blog preview mode, know that my post will likely change some during the week as more "stuff" happens.

1. Slowly, surely, Serenity is coming together.  DH wants to rename it PITA.  My renaming choice was Miss Moneypit.  Tuesday's goal for this project is to try to obtain teh paint code, to better match some touch up paint, and to see if the hub issue can be solved cheaply.

2.  Both DH and I have let our eating habits lapse a bit and the scale does not lie, sadly.  I am trying to regain control, and do a lot more of the Michael Pollan thing.

3.  Funny thing about #2 above, is that I have also been getting faster on the bike.  That is counterintuitive...

4.  Fall really is my favorite season I think.  Besides heralding the change in weather, Fall seems to feed the introvert in me, which I almost never let out...

5.  Some things I regret not learning (thus far) in life--how to play guitar, how to knit or crochet, and a working understanding of a foreign language.  How about you?  Do you have any regrets in life so far?  Things you wish you'd done or learned, but never took the time to pursue?


  1. I think it is hard to eat healthy in the fall. All I want are comfort foods!

  2. fall, will always be my favorite. i love the temps - nice cool & easy to get out in the yard & not sweat like a crazy lady. love that! love the colors & the fun moments you get to have. the apple cider, the turkey all that fun too. ( :

  3. i'm getting too old to have regrets! i love fall -- my favorite season. i don't like the allergies it brings with it -- too much pollen!

  4. I often say that in my next life, I'll learn how to play the violin.(Not that I really believe in next lives..)My eating habits fluctuate - maybe it's the seasons.

  5. Michael Pollan's books are wonderful!

    I regret not learning to knit. My grandmother wanted to teach me when i was young, but i had no desire or patience to learn. I suppose it's never too late. :)

  6. No regrets! If you have today, you have time! GO FOR IT! Aloha

  7. Not sure what your #1 Random is all about, but enjoyed reading through your other♫ I am looking forward to more bike post:

  8. I mostly regret all you can eat buffets but do wish I had gotten more fluent in a couple of the languages I can just embarrass myself in now.


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