Friday, September 20, 2013

Random 5 Friday 09/20/2013

This week's installment of Random 5 Fridays is upon us.  Yay!

1.  I enjoy R5F--it's quick and easy, I get to check out lots of other blogs, and see what my regulars are up to in a given week.

2.  We will be picking up our Seavo tomorrow.  I am excited!  It will be fun to ride with my DH again, rather than chasing after him on the bike.  And tandeming is such an exercise in cooperation and communication too.  Luckily this is not our first two-seater, so we know we are already compatible to it.

3.  I went rat-hunting last night, and had two in the traps by morning!  Yes, rats in suburbia...I hate 'em.  I'm going to re-bait the traps again tonight and see if I can catch a few more.  Usually after I kill about 4 or so, they move elsewhere for a season or two.  The traps are a lot safer than poisons, considering the dogs I have, and the neighborhood pets too.

4.  Rain.  We need some rain.  Maybe not quite as much as fast as Boulder got slammed with, but a good long moderate rain.  2" would help a lot.  Weather rumors have rain starting late Thursday night, and lots of rain today.  I sure hope so!

5.  I've been enjoying the garage purge.  Yes it is still ongoing, but progress is being made!  Many things have been gone the way of Ebay, others still have gone to the curb, only to magically disappear by morning into the curb-crawlers* trucks.  As long as it is out of MY house, I'm ok with it.

* curb crawler: One who drives around town on trash day, taking stuff out of your trash before the trash truck arrives.


  1. Morning OK what is a Sevo? I am afraid I have no idea but I am glad your getting yours.
    Rats freak me out I am not afraid of too many things but that would be one for sure.
    Garage purge oh yes I need to do a barn purge:) Love curb crawlers I have been known to be one myself at one time. You would be amazed at what you can find.
    Have a nice weekend. B

  2. We don't have trash pickup here, so no curb crawlers. We have to run our trash into the dump, when the trashbags pile up too high ;-)

  3. Buttons, I created a link to the Seavo. You can go click on it, and see...

  4. Okay - YOU are amazing - and BRAVE . . AND we are all blessed to "know" you - THANK you for sharing with us.

    Trash . . . Maybe some of yours will end up in China . . . hmmm.

    Love & Love to YOU!

  5. the rain in Boulder is plain scary. sadly the news has stopped talking about them - & i am so curious as to what is going on.

    maybe a "rain dance" will help with the rain chance. ( :

  6. Congrats on the garage purge -- I still need to get to our porch which is just plain gross. Hoping for next week! :)


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