Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Serenity...what is it?

Serenity:  The name of the space ship in a short-lived sci-fi show called Firefly. (We are all fans of Firefly here at Casa Monkeywrangler.)

Serenity:  noun.
The state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness. 

Serenity:  The name for our new Seavo tandem
This second reference was what we were aiming for, when we began the saga of our search for a tandem bike to acquire.  A chance to ride together, to pool our energies, improve cooperation and communication--all worthy goals. 

Alas, thus far this project has been anything but serene.  First, I missed out on the only two Seavo's for sale on the net, by a day each.  Then it was not possible to find a new-in-shop Seavo, anywhere I could think of, in the country.  Seems most shops will order you one and build it up, rather than use valuable floor space for a limited-market item.  I can understand that, but I don't have to like it.  So we did a test ride on a friend's Seavo.

Then, we ordered a frameset (FYI-a frameset is not the complete bike) through an area dealer.  Items we thought were included in the frameset, weren't.  Items that should've been in the box, weren't.  Another vendor shipped the wrong type of chain.  Anybody want some 10' of Fixie chain?  I can tell you who to call if you do!  I don't even have pictures of our bike yet...

We opted to source a nice set of wheels on the secondary market...unfortunately, the seller apparently had the rear one cobbled together out of a bunch of parts that do not play well together.  That took a couple days and many photos and phone calls to the hub manufacturer to sort out.  Thank you White Industries--you folks were great to work with!  Oh, and another $35 for the correct axle parts, and an as yet unknown amount for the LBS (Cadence Cyclery) to install it all and re-dish the wheel properly, plus installing the brakes, ensuring the magic smoke in the disc brakes doesn't escape.  It also cost us the money to get a spare new wheel that we knew would work, shipped overnight(Thank you Hostel Shoppe!).  That will eventually be our spare rear wheel, but for now it is our main.  

Yet, I guess things are looking up.  Things are coming together.  Once the wheel and brake issues are resolved, the rest of the build will be simple enough...provided the seat meshes arrive in the next day or so.  When we finally manage our 'maiden voyage' on Serenity (or as DH calls it PITA, or my alternate name, Miss Moneypit), I hope I will be able to relax and enjoy it for all the reasons we wanted a tandem in the first place.  And then I will probably have a stiff drink!


  1. Oh I loved Firefly I wish they would bring it back. The Serenity movie did not wrap it up for me if anything it just made me want it to return more:) Good luck:) B

  2. Um sure once its done it'll be worth all the trouble!

  3. Not familiar with the tv series, but I don't watch much of anything...

    I think you will appreciate and "know" your Seavo much better than if you had bought it new. :)

  4. Wow! It will be work and money, but i'm sure it will be worth it! I like the name Serenity for your Seavo, and i also liked the TV show, and was bummed it was canceled after such a short time.


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