Saturday, April 18, 2015

And the bright side of this is...?

Yeah, I am trying to find the bright side in my current medical rodeo.  So the days ago, I noshed on some smoked almonds, instead of a sweet snack, probably a cup in total.  Not anything unusual in that, so I did not expect what came next.

Diverticulitis.  Yes, my gut has staged a revolt, complete with gut-wrenching cramps, point tenderness in the sigmoid region (lower left inside pelvis), low grade fever and general malaise.  This is not my first diverticular rodeo, but the last time I had this crop up I didn't have shoulder surgery scheduled for next Thursday either.  The big D complicates things somewhat.

I called my doc at TDDC, bright and early this morning since it wasn't getting better on its own.  As expected I got the standard "It'll Kill Everything" prescription--levaquin and Flagyl.  I did ask if there was anything else I could take, and got the response, "not if you want to get well quickly".  This being my third go-round with Flagyl, I was hoping to avoid that one,  The side effects leave much to be desired. Nausea, loss of appetite, and the really fun one, a change in how everything tastes.  I mean, for me it is as if someone is constantly spraying your mouth with hairspray and perfume, 24/7. It's horrible!  And it doesn't go away as soon as you finish the medication either.  It continues on for another week or so.  My gut already hurts and I feel crappy, and now you want to medicate me with a drug that makes me

Plus, I'm supposed to avoid fiber for about two weeks, so no fruit, no nuts, (that rules out California, eh?), no veggies, no whole wheat bread.  I get to eat white bread and low fiber junk food.  That is, if the Flagyl will let me choke down any food.

I go for my pre-surgical consult on Monday afternoon.  I get to see IF Doc wants to still do the cut on Thursday, knowing I will have been on meds for 5 days, and that I will need to be on pain meds after surgery that will dramatically slow down gut motility.  It's up to Doc if he thinks the surgery will go ok, or if he thinks I should postpone it.  I don't honestly know what he will suggest.

This whole medical mess has me somewhat down in the dumps.  Can't go ride, can't go enjoy the gorgeous morning today,  will probably miss the Rescue Open House on the 3rd, have totally thrashed all my ride plans, goals and hopes, and I can't lift for who knows how long...

I keep looking for a bright spot in all this and am not finding it.  I had hoped to do another fox and hound ride with DH today since the weather is so nice after last night's storms.  Well at least he is out riding a 100k today.  Maybe I will go haunt the local bike shops and pick up some little goodies...Nuun tabs, latex tubes, and ...??

I guess there may be a bright spot in all this, if I really stretch it.  The nausea and loss of appetite, means I should be able to  lose weight without having to work out.  It's not much of a bright spot, but I'll have to take it.


  1. Vic - added your name to the prayer list; sounds awful! be careful of levaquin...nasty side effects there as well.

  2. Hmmm,I remember taking Flagyl for a bad case of giardia. I was so happy it killed the little buggars I have no memory of the negative side effects at all. Hope you are feeling better fast!


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