Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark!

Bear with me, my friends, as I am reduced to one-handed typing.  Sugery went well yesterday, I guess.  Doc was able to fix things.  Unfortunately, it was more complex than the MRI indicated.  He had to make an open incision like last time, but he said it isn't a big one, maybe 1.5" instead of 5".
Infamous pre-op selfie...

So, from what my anesthesia-addled brain remembers, he anchored the subscapularis tendon, cleaned up the supraspinatus tendon and put stitch or two in the split he found in it.  Lastly he cut free the dislocated biceps tendon.  He said it should re-anchor itself  just fine.  I hope so! The pain, well, if I get into the right position, is minor, 2-3 on a scale of 1-10.  If I shift around though, it clocks in over 8 easily.

I have some decent pain meds, but they sure slow down the gut, so I am trying to limit their use to evenings or if it really starts hurting.   I'd take some OTC NSAIDS, but doc said it would slow healing.  I don't want to slow that down!
Post-op at home.

I am hoping to go to the TIRR Spring Open House on Sunday.  It is an event we usually make into a working weekend, but not this year as the most I'll be able to do is flip burgers and hold down one end of the couch.  We may loan them the Monkeys to work Saturday though.

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