Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blood Moon Easter Vigil

Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, this weekend, the Passover / Easter Weekend, there will be a significant astronomical event going on.  The third Blood Moon in the current Tetrad.  Some believe this current Tetrad (a close pattern of 4 lunar eclipses) heralds the beginning of the End Times.

What I find interesting, besides enjoying the beauty of the event itself, provided it is clear Saturday morning, is the series of significant political events encompassing the Middle East, that has occurred during this current Tetrad.  The first two lunar Blood Moons occurred April 15, and October 8, 2014. The last will occur Sept. 28, 2015.  During this 18 mo. span, we have seen the rise of ISIS, the collapse (further) of Yemen, and perhaps most frightening, the apparent conclusion of a nuclear treaty with Iran!

Did somebody forget to brief the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on the concept of Nuclear Non Proliferation?  Does anybody outside of the White House really think this is a good idea?  Do they honestly believe Iran only wants to use their nuclear capability for peaceful purposes?  Talk about showing one's true colors, eh?

In history, much is said about Britain's Neville Chamberlain, and his "Peace in our time" Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler's Germany.  Most of it is not complimentary.  However, even Chamberlain had the presence of mind to continue Britain's war preparations, bolstering defense and procurement systems.  My father, a young man in Britain at that time, even said later, that Chamberlain did well to bolster civil defense plans, with the Home Guard, and the later used massive metropolitan evacuation plans.

Chamberlain was nothing if not naive in his dealings with Herr Hitler, hearing only what he wanted to hear, believing only what he needed to believe so badly, to confirm his own desire to prevent a full scale war.  It is known now, with 20/20 hindsight and historical research, how Hitler led him on, with outright lies, never intending to honor the Munich Agreement.  It is a fault we in the West sometimes have, being unable or unwilling to believe the other guy is  a flat out liar and evil.  We keep hoping for the best.

It is, I think, an unforgivable disaster, to conclude this treaty with Iran.  I think their choice of the Easter/Passover weekend shows not only naivete on our part, but a foreshadowing of the evil to come if Iran is allowed to go nuclear.  I think not even Neville Chamberlain would believe this treaty is a good idea...

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  1. Wow! Thank you for the Lehrer video/song - many years ago, when i was still touring with guitar in hand and thoughts to share - i did some of his music, but - never this one and i don't remember ever seeing him before . . . wow. Your post is deep and thoughtful . . thanks so much for sharing from your heart . . . now i don't feel so alone - So Many Changes . . . Interesting times . . .


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