Friday, April 3, 2015

Darkness and shadow

Today is such a day of darkness and shadow...It is Good Friday, the darkest day in the Christian world, yet one that heralds the brightest day to come.  We celebrate, as Christians, the death by torture, of a man yet God, in order to realize the gift of Grace from that same God.

It always struck me as odd, to call this day Good Friday.  Oh, I get it now, but growing up, before coming to faith, it just seemed weird.  I mean, what could be called 'good' about crucifixion?  Really?

Today is also the day a dear friend remembers the heart shattering loss of her brother.  Though I never met the man personally, I will remember his devotion to duty and honor and sacrifice, as told to us by his sister.

Tonight marks a rarity in our church, a special night time service.  There are only two such services each year, Christmas Eve with its familiar carols, and tonight, Good Friday, the Tenebrae service.  Being me, of course, this would be my favorite service of the year.  It is the one that truly makes me think--about myself, my beliefs, my faith, and the promise to come.

There is great evil in the world today.  In truth, there always has been such.  But even in the darkness, the Light still shines.


  1. Thank you for your kindness and friendship as we lost my brother. I am glad I could capture a bit of him in my writing, so that the world knew him as I did.

    May your family have a day filled with joy and peace this Easter Sunday.

    And may Ranger get an extra treat.

  2. I hope you and your family and your dogs all had a good Easter.


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