Friday, April 24, 2015

My Random 5 April 24 2015

Though she isn't able to sponsor the R5F fun anymore, Nancy at A Rural Journal is still a website worth the visit.

My Random 5 for this week.

1.  My gut is just about healed from the diverticulitis.  YAY!

2.  Lake Lavon is almost full!  That is our local reservoir and primary water supply.  7 months ago it was 13 feet below full pool, and you could hardly see water in the north 2/3 of the lake.  This is great news for NTX, and especially the city of Allen TX.

3.  With all this rain, I have not been able to ride as much as I would like to, before my upcoming shoulder repair.  My back yard is a swamp.  My side yard is either a lake or a river (hard to tell if the water is flowing or just standing).  The Monkeys and the dogs are all restless and tired of being cooped up.

4.  My friend L.B. Johnson, has published her second book!  Saving Grace:  A Story of Adoption is available on Amazon in paperback, and soon to be on Kindle!  This is the same author who wrote The Book of Barkley.  I haven't had a chance to read it yet, as it only got released for sale today.  My copy's already on order!  But you can get your own copy, just click the link above.  Plus, on my sidebar, you can find links to the Book of Barkley, if you haven't already read it.

5.  I have to say, I am looking forward to the next installment of Star Wars.  I loved the latest trailer.  The last 3 seconds or so, are the best!  Welcome home, Chewie and Han!


  1. Glad your gut is doing better! What did you do to heal it?

    1. 7 days of levaquin and flagyl, plus limiting fiber intake for around 2 weeks.


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