Monday, June 24, 2013

A busy week

This week will be a busy one for us.  Wish me luck!

First, MonkeyBoy has a birthday upcoming.  This has caused him great excitement, as he gets to celebrate a day early due to a scheduling conflict with the next major activity. 

Second, MonkeyBoy again, gets to go to Resident Camp for the first time.  Slowly cutting those apron-strings, eh?  Yeah, I suspect he will have a grand time, and I will fret.

Third, since MonkeyBoy is having such a special week with camp and all, I must come up with something to entertain the other Monkeys with.  Got any ideas?

Fourth, Monkey3 has a birthday a week after this.  I must figure out some special items for that too.  Thank goodness Monkey1's birthday isn't until winter!  I have some time to prepare for it.

Fifth, we want to go to the range, perhaps on Sunday, to capitalize on DH's and my time in class recently.  Practice, practice, practice!

Top all this off with the need and desire to get some rides in, perhaps even a longish one on Saturday, and you have a busy week for me.

Have a good week yourselves, everybody!


  1. Good Luck I have no doubt it is going to go just fine. Happy Birthday to both monkeys and the camp is going to be fun you will get over the letting go thing I know from experience it gets easier and easier:) Too hot to ride here today. B


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