Monday, June 3, 2013

Cone Free!

At last I deem Cody to be Cone Free!  His eye appears to have healed sufficient to remove the Cone of Shame for good.  He's not pawing at it now, and it looks like any scarring will be minimal and not in his main vision field. Whew!

Boy, if you ever have to have a large dog in the Cone of Shame, watch out!  I hope your dog is brighter than Cody, as he never did get used to the Cone...He just bulled his way through any obstacle he encountered with it--be it a bicycle or two, chairs, the table legs, your legs, the wall socket....

If I could bill him for damages, I would!  He broke the wall socket cover, he scraped paint off the walls, he knocked over several bikes, even bending a rear derailleur hanger slightly (luckily DH was able to straighten it!)  He knocked over kitchen chairs, and gave us bruises and scrapes from that blasted Cone! 

You'd think that after a few days, a dog would learn that if the Cone hangs up on something, maybe it would be a good idea to back up, and try to clear the obstruction.  But not our Cody!  He believes in the One True Faith (brute force).  If you get the Cone stuck on something/someone, just push harder.  If you break it, it needed replaced anyway!

I'm not sure who is more relieved that Cody is out of the, or him!


  1. Hooray!!! Good for you Cody. Angus and I are so happy to see you cone free at last.

  2. Yep. I have an aging Newfie/Mix - she is exactly like this . . .

    What a wonder they are.

    I am GLAD to know Cody is better.



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