Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RAAM Race Summary on Maria Parker

For those of you who can here and then visited and Liked her Facebook page or donated  or whatever you may have done to support Maria, I thank you! 

Here is a quick summary of her race.

Started June 11 around 2:30pm Pacific time (I think).

Finished 11days, 20hrs, 54min later with an accumulated average of 10.4mph (including the time she was off bike due to the wrecked vehicle).

Distance 2,962.40miles.

Maria was one of only 2 women to officially finish the race in the solo category this year.

Her awards (at this time--more may be given in the future after amounts are tallied etc):
Queen of the Prairies (fastest women's time through several Time Stops.)
Women's Rookie of the Year
First Female Finisher (Seana Hogan Award)
The Unstoppable Award
RAAM Solo Finisher

Her fundraising for Brain Cancer Research continues at 3000 Miles To A Cure.

Fly, Maria!   Fly!


And for you cycling junkies out there, wherever you may be,  The TdF begins.  Perhaps they should rename it the Tour de P.E.D.*  I'll probably still watch it though....

* performance enhancing drug


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