Friday, June 28, 2013

Random 5 Friday 06/28/13

Here is this week's installment of R5F, from Casa Monkeywrangler.

1.  Winter IS coming.

2.  Monkeyboy is off at his first Residence Camp with Scouts.  It also occurred on his birthday, so of course they made him wear a birthday cake hat!
The Birthday Boy!
 3.  The Overtime Fairy has graced our household dynamic this week, with DH probably making it into doubletime by EOB Saturday.  Woot!  We have not had OT for a couple years now.

4.  I probably will not make my goal of 500k cycling this month, but I will be closer than last month.  Had I managed more mid-week rides, or even more Monkey-rides, I think I would have made it.

5.  I seem to have developed a spot of tendonitis in my left elbow/forearm.  It's been hanging around a couple months now I think, and I am annoyed by it.  I am going to try some natural anti-inflammatory agents (turmeric) to see if it helps, along with some stretches and pressure point stimulation and massage.


  1. Winter!! No. Not yet. lol It's going to be 95 here in Oregon this weekend. Happy summer!

    I love that birthday cake hat, and want one for my 50th in August!

  2. Oh I am pretty sure he will never forget wearing that hat:) Happy Birthday.
    You will get 500 this month I am sure.
    Not ready for winter yet we have not even started cutting hay yet it is still raining that means it would be snowing:) B

  3. Thanks for stopping by today...I do hate bats when they're INSIDE my house! :) They're fine if they stay outside, eating mosquitoes! :)

  4. On Monday it was so hot and humid here I was ready for winter, yes! :)

  5. Turmeric is good and also arnica gel. Oh and if its really bad bromelain (which comes from pineapple) supplements really help.

  6. Tumeric? Thanks for the tip - i think I'll try it!


  7. How neat your boy was the center of attention -- I hope he has fun on his trip.

  8. Congrats and wishes for a great camping trip to Monkeyboy. Go and have fun young man!


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