Friday, June 14, 2013

A shattered dream carries on!

As y'all saw in last week's R5F post, I have been following RAAM, the Race Across America, and specifically supporting rider Maria Parker, riding for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. 

Maria was doing well in the mountains, proving that it is possible to climb well, on a recumbent.  Sadly, last evening, her dream of racing in RAAM was shattered.   Her follow-vehicle, carrying all her spare bikes, and gear, was rear-ended.  The vehicle and both bikes were totaled.  Thanks to God's grace and mercy, none of her crew was injured beyond some scrapes and bruises, according to her FB page.  And the follow-vehicle did exactly what it was supposed to do--protect Maria from the car that hit it!  Yes, folks, that is the job of the follow-vehicle, to block other cars from hitting the rider from behind.

Due to the RAAM requirements, they were forced decide of they would abandon the race.  I am sure the team was devastated to make that decision to DNF.  I know I would be.  But just because they have DNF'd RAAM, does not mean that they are quitting the ride! 

Apparently, Maria and team have chosen to continue the route, on their own, outside of RAAM, once they get the logistics of a new vehicle, bikes and gear sorted out.  Hooray for them, I say!  They may be out of a race, but they are NOT quitting!  It looks like she will be back on the bike this afternoon.  Follow her progress here.  If you want to see the photos of her time in RAAM, and hopefully, of her continued ride across America, the Facebook page has a ton of pics.

I hope folks are encouraged, and inspired by Maria's example.  I know I am.

Fly, Maria!  Fly!

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