Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gunning for 500k

So I am a bike geek...I confess.  I use Strava to track my rides and as a convenient way to check on my improvements (meager though they are).  Each month, Strava posts a new challenge, usually to ride a certain distance in the month, or during the TDF, etc.

They give electronic 'badges' (think like a patch) marking certain distance milestones each month.  So far, the best I have done, is to earn the 250k badges, never having made it to 500k in a month.  It honestly doesn't "mean" anything important, but I'd like to get at least to 500k this month.

I am SOOOOO close!  I have 47K I need to ride between now and the 31st.  I should be able to do it...barring illness (which is currently cycling through the Monkeys...).  Time is usually what kills my efforts.  I can DO distance, I know that.  I just generally don't have TIME to ride that much.  So this month, being so close to 500k, it's somehow important to me that I hit that milestone.  Especially since I apparently am not fast enough to ride with the local cycle clubs on their slow rides. (Hint:  add 4mph to the published ride speed average, and that's about where they really ride at.)

Here's a look at my ride today.


  1. It's not about the numbers. It's about the fun of the ride. I think someone may have mentioned that a time or two..

  2. But with my meager goals on the bike any more, I need some sort of mental perk. I mean, I won't hit 4k in mileage this year, so that goal is toast.

    And with Monkeyboy's urging this evening, I logged another 30mi, and hit my 500k for the month!


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