Friday, July 12, 2013

Random 5 Friday 07/12/13

Sorry if today's R5F participation has been a bit delayed.

1.  Today some friends from church and scouting, came over to make homemade fishing poles for a scouting requirement.  The boys made poles and then we went fishing at the local pond.  Pink artificial bait worked well for the girls, but the boys did not fare so well.
Girls: 13 bluegill, 1 red eared slider turtle. (all on homemade poles with pink bait)
Boys: 1 bluegill on artificial bait but on a regular fishing pole.  Zero catches on the home made poles.

2.  Yours truly caught a pair of bluegill on artificial bait, but using my regular pole.

3.  It's a pretty typical hot dry Texas summer so far.  Not as hot as the last couple years though, so I am not complaining.  It also almost rained here last night...almost!  That did cool things off enough to make for a pleasant 25 miles on the bike last night though.

4.  If Zimmerman is acquitted, I hope that  the social unrest is kept under control.  But somehow I doubt it will be, even though law enforcement will do its best to keep a lid on things.  I'm not too worried here in NTX, but I'm also not going to take any unnecessary risks either.

5.  I find it interesting that the compromise in Colorado about the magazine ban, apparently has rendered the new law utterly irrelevant.  Mag compromise.  (next to last paragraph is the relevant bit.)
I can't think of any pistol or rifle magazines with a fixed base plate, that carry more than 7-8 rounds (1911) anyway...can you? 


  1. Last question first -- my husband would know the answer to that. He's got a brain for gun facts.

    We're in a bit of a hot, dry spell here too. Maybe we'll get some rain in a few days they say. Fingers crossed!

    Have a super weekend!

  2. It's very cool that the pink bait worked! :) I feel a little sad for the boys though.

    I didn't listen to the closing arguments in the Zimmerman trial this am. I wanted to, but... Then i'm wondering what will happen when the verdict comes in, and like you say, how much unrest there is..

  3. I remember making fishing poles (only child and a girl to an outdoor man) that must have been fun for the boys and then Mom catching something pretty cool. I am not familar with the Z case shall have to google it, the entire gun situation everywhere makes me very nervous and sad.

  4. Did the girls give the boys a hard time afterwards?

  5. As to the gun question. . I'm not thinking of any here.

    Stay cool, this has been a blissfully cool summer so far.


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