Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer piñata fun!

This past weekend saw the Monkeys engaged in their annual summer piñata bashing fun.  Ever since they were big enough to swing a stick, we have had a summer piñata for them. Usually it falls between birthdays, but not always.  It's a summer event, not tied to a specific Monkey-day, so as to not disappoint the winter-born one.

They always seem to enjoy it, and not just for the goodies inside!  I think they just enjoy bashing something with a stick, and not getting in trouble for doing it!

(Yes, that is Mule-tape you see tied to the tree.  It is holding up one run of the fence until we get the time to coordinate with our neighbor, to replace all the poles and panels on that side.  Another of the many little joys of home ownership...)

Do you have any special fun events planned for this summer?


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun my kids loved that I miss those games. Have a nice day. B


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