Friday, July 26, 2013

R5F 07/26/13

Today's random thoughts...

1.  I really hate sinus headaches!  This is day #2 where I have awoken to one.

2.  Today is proof again that God loves Texas, or maybe that the .Gov weather machine is broken.... it is raining out there again!  A lovely moderate rainfall, in late Texas!  It has rained several times in this July, which is unusual.  It has also been a significantly cooler summer than normal, despite a couple hot days of 100deg on record.

3.  I got my hair cut again yesterday.  It had grown too fast after the initial cut and was constantly in my eyes driving me bugnuts.  I think it looks much better this time, and is pretty well just what I was looking for.  DH said he liked it too, so I guess I am golden!

4.  I took a couple pics of myself yesterday, so I could remind the stylist how it looked, next time I go in, in a couple months.  Upon looking at them, I thought I looked OLD for the first time...It kind of shocked me--I don't FEEL old (mentally anyway--sometimes I do feel the mileage in the bones).  I guess that's what I get for a life in the sun, losing weight (makes for looser skin) and refusing to wear makeup to hide it all.

5.  I have errands to run today and bike parts to order.  I'm going to order the new bar set up for the Giro, and have a set of Avid BB7 brakes, which should be nicer than the BB5's I am currently running for disc brakes on the bike.  I also need to order a box of inner tubes, as we seem to be out...and that could be a problem, with one of us possibly riding the Cleburne Goathead ride tomorrow.  There's a reason it's called the Goathead ride...the route is known for having THIS along the roads.


  1. i'm glad you are getting some rain over there!

  2. Wow that is one pretty yet nasty plant.
    I bet you do not look as old as you think you do. I never think about the # I am at and never wore makeup either. The good thing well maybe the good thing about my age I need glasses to see all the wrinkles(laugh lines I guess that is a good thing) and I only wear glasses to read not look in the mirror:)
    Happy Biking. B

  3. Sinus headaches are the pits. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Great that you're getting rain! I lived in Houston for 30 years, and the last year -- 2011 -- was horrible with heat and drought.

    I've had those moments, too, when I see an image of myself and am startled at the changes. Still, I think my face is more interesting than when it was younger. Like you, I go sans makeup as well!

    Feel better. Take care.

  5. I used to get raging sinus headaches, but after menopause they were all gone...a good thing!! Yea, rain in July in Texas. And isn't it weird to see a pic of yourself and think..."I am not as old as that, am I?"

  6. I hate sinus headaches ... I feel your pain. Could still use more rain and will keep my fingers crossed. I got my hair cut today!

  7. Oh yes, sinus headaches are awful all right!

    That's kind of a nasty looking plant.

  8. Yea for rain and cooler than average temps. We could use some rain, but are thankful for the showers we have been getting. We are also experiencing cooler than average July temps. It's in the 70's today.

    Good Luck with your sinus headaches; I hope you feel better.

    Ranch Wife Robyn

  9. Oh I do hope your headache is gone they are the worse. Feel better OK B

  10. I am feeling the age in my bones too and when I look in the mirror I don't recognize!

  11. You are so much fun!
    AND - You ARE Golden . . .

    I sure enjoy our visits.

    I'll need to bravely follow your example and get a haircut - "bugnuts" is such a perfect expression. But, my last distressing cut caused me to feel i should just grab scissors and "go for it" - would make me happier . .
    love & love,

  12. I know you would have liked some of that rain last year. I love getting a good haircut!

  13. If it's true that we're only as old as we feel we're both in trouble :)

  14. My allergies seem to give me fits whenever the weather changes, which is so often! Hope your head feels better by now. :)


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