Friday, July 19, 2013

R5F 7/19/13

Random 5 Friday for this week.
1. I've been a day behind this week mentally. I keep thinking it is Thursday today.
2.  Shiloh has a new nickname after this week's counter surfing incident ;  Porkchop!
3.  I still enjoy watching the Tour de France.  This is the 100th Tour.
4.  This summer has been cooler than usual.  That means the Monkeys have not been in the pool as much as before.
5.  It has been a wet week here, with more rain forecast for tomorrow. Our Silverado Sage Bush is blooming like mad!


  1. Wow that Silverado Sage Bush is a beautiful bush. It is not cool here a guy not far from me fried an egg on the sidewalk for a joke he ate it just saying:) Take care. B

  2. I guess we take what we can, no matter the weather! Lovely bush!

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous bush!

    I enjoy the Tour de France also.

  4. Gorgeous bush. It wouldn't be July without the Tour de France! I'll take your rain. Have a great week.

  5. Lots of rain here, but it has been really hot and humid this week, especially today. Makes it hard to breathe.

    I love that bush--Such a lovely color!

  6. I wonder how that would do up here? It's lovely.

  7. What a beautiful bush. Wish something like that would grow well here, but likely too cold and wet.

  8. Actually Shilo's new nickname is not "Porkchop" but Mud... She was suitably repentant since "Daddy" was mad at her.


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