Friday, July 5, 2013

Random 5 Friday July 5th

More fun with random things this week.

1. It appears the Egyptian people, and their military had enough of the Muslim Brotherhood and its form of government. I wish them luck and peace.

2.  News reports here are saying the Secretary of State, John Kerry, was on his yacht during the second revolution in Egypt (see above).  For all our sakes, I hope the news report is wrong.

3.  The weather here has been nice all week, though we could use rain. At least it did not disrupt the 4th of July celebration.

4.  We took the Monkeys for their first ever real road ride on their bikes. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember they haven't been riding bikes for 40+ years, but instead are just now developing those skills.  All their other rides have been on the relative safety of the local bike paths.

5.  It's times like tonight, watching my kids' sheer joy at a fireworks display, that makes me wish I could recapture some of that childlike wonder and enthusiasm.


  1. Oh bike riding and fireworks the good old days:) B

  2. Happy to send you some of our rain, we've had enough for awhile. Even if he were on his yacht, no doubt he was in constant communication.
    Friday Fabulous

  3. On his yacht?? Hmm. What does that say if true?

    I love great fireworks, and i spent much of last night ooo-ing and ahh-ing like a kid. It was lots of fun!

    I wish the people of Egypt peace also. They could use some for sure.

  4. My parents never owned bikes, so us kids always rode by ourselves. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with your children. xo

  5. Your blog always gives me something new and wonderful . . Therefore you MUST be full of Wonder and Enthusiasm . . with the additional blessing of care and concern for humankind . . the best kind of grown-up ever!!!



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