Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bridge to Nowhere

Last night I discovered an unexpected thing...our very own Bridge to Nowhere!  If you are old enough to recall the original Bridge to Nowhere scandal, you'll understand the chuckle I got when finding this gem out on a ride with the Monkeys.
Oops!  Out of road!

I found a bridge, and a stretch of abandoned, blockaded roadway, that goes nowhere.  Kinda cool actually!  The fact that the road surface is still quite good makes for a perfect place to race the Monkeys on bikes.  They had fun, and so did I.  I've told DH about it, and he may get them out on bikes and play around on it too.

A literal Bridge to Nowhere!
I'm not sure why the road just dead-ends there, but it does.  I am betting it has to do with the nearby toll road.  There's also a new subdivision going in to the left of the bridge-end, so they may be planning on hooking the bridge and this stretch of road up to it, and reopening the whole thing.  

I hope they don't.  I like it just as it is.

Off to the left about 200yds is a road barrier.


  1. What a fun place to play! I know a black dog that would love to run back and forth across of that.

  2. Sadly, our young RR Shiloh would LOVE to run free there, but she'd kick up a rabbit in about 5 seconds, and POOF! That's be the last we saw of Shiloh! She'd take off at a dead run, after that rabbit!

  3. What an excellent discovery. My boys would like this too.


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