Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fair Time!

The first week in August in Kansas is usually County Fair time.  I remember fondly, growing up in Eastern Kansas, and the local county fair.  I was in 4H, despite being a townie, and thoroughly enjoyed the fair, the exhibits, the animals, working the concession stand. and the carnival.

Our recent trip took us to small-town western Kansas, and their county fair.  It is different, in that the county owns the carnival equipment, and the local townsfolk maintain and operate the stuff during the fair.  It is a much safer atmosphere than what I remember of fairs, and this was the Monkeys' second trip to the fair.

The booths are simple, and the contests not rigged, unlike a traditional carnival.  Prizes are easy to win, and you can trade in 3 smalls for a medium stuffed animal, or 3 mediums for a large.  Tickets are cheap too, at 25cents each.

The rides are fun.  There's the Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round, swing chairs, the train and several others too (mostly designed to cause motion sickness I think!)  The rides are well maintained too, which is nice from a parental safety standpoint.

Ferris Wheel.
Train ride.

Everyone loves the horses.

My life felt like this last week!
A classic ride.
It was nice to be able to let the Monkeys run wild for a couple hours, as a pack of "Rampaging Cousins" as they called themselves.They even conned their big cousin (20) into tagging along with them to keep them all together.  A good time was had by all, including parents.

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