Friday, August 2, 2013

Random Five Friday 08/02/13

This week's installment of random five facts/thoughts.  I hope your week has been a good one too.

1.  I hit my July goal of over 500k on the bike for the month.  That is probably the greatest total in a single month for me, since I started riding again in 2011.

2.  I want to pick up a little point-n-shoot digital camera for general use and especially to have on the bike.  I seem to enjoy the pictures if I get around to shooting them, so a camera would make that process easier than it is on the phone.  (Buttons, I think this is all your fault!)

3.  We all got hit with some little gastric virus (not cyclospora thankfully!) last week.  Short lived, fortunately, though Monkey3 did require a dr visit to verify no secondary infection with strep.

4.  I did a test ride on DH's bike (same year/model as mine) but set up a little differently.  It was an interesting experiment last night.  I learned that a carbon seat does provide better power transfer, but is not as comfortable as the Euromesh seat I ride.

5.  The Monkeys are excited to have a chance to go to the county fair later this month.  It should be a fun time for them.  Perhaps I will be able to get some good photos, as our relatives would like some new pictures of the kids!


  1. I am sorry..... not really I think you are going to have fun:)
    500 way to go I am so impressed great job, that is a lot of photos you passed:)
    Sorry about the bug it is going around in our area too I am keeping my fingers crossed not to get it.
    Love the county fair they and you are going to have a ball. Lots of pics coming I am so excited. Hugs B

  2. Well, it seems Pertussis is having a major outbreak in our area, and Monkey3's symptoms fit it to a "T", but the doc did not mention that yesterday. I am going to call them back today and request some meds for my Monkey, as we will be around some toddlers soon, and I don't want to share the bug!

    I'm also going to get myself a booster vaccine for pertussis, as I suspect I have had it several times in the last couple years, after doing some research.

  3. Congrats on meeting your July goal! That's awesome.

    Sorry about the virus. No fun.

  4. Bug = no grands had it this week too. Wow on the bike miles! Way to go. I wish I could do that many on the treadmill :) Have a great weekend.

  5. Congratulations on the 500! Stomach bugs are no fun for any age. I carry a point and shoot around in my pocket almost all the time. Never know when a photo op may appear.

  6. Oh no! Sorry about the virus. But glad it wasn't the horrible cyclospora.

    The fair will be lots of fun! :)

  7. I call myself a cat wrangler. So of course I love your blog title.

  8. My mom has been dealing with a stomach bug for a month now but not cyclospora according to her tests.

    Glad you all are back on the mend.

  9. Yes, relatives always want new photos of the kids! I'm getting pressure about that, myself. :)
    500k in a month - that is awesome!!


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