Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just a quick note...

To say no, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, it's just that including the recent spate of illness which slowed my posting, I have also done a bit of traveling.  I hope and plan to have a couple good posts up once I get over an 11 hr drive!

There are plenty of pictures, if I can get them all onto the desktop to work with, but it will take some time to sort them out and pick the decent ones out.  That's the saving grace of digital photography--no developing costs!

Regardless, I still have about 3hrs of driving left to do today, as I need to go collect the Hounds from the Ranch.  Cody will be happy to see us, and Shiloh, well, she will be happy to see her favorite Squeezy-Toys (the Monkeys) and she will probably be glad to have her regular Staff back (me...)

Until then,


  1. Oh I am glad you are OK crazy busy but OK. Home will be nice. B

  2. Getting over that long drive takes me a while and I don't look forward to the drive to FL either...I'll be exhausted!...:)JP


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