Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ugh...I hate the plague.

Yes, my annual lung crud has struck, in August.  Seems whatever my lovely plague-vector Monkeys brought home a week or so ago, has mutated into a chest infection for moi.  Oh.  Joy.  Blech.

The doc office says they can see me later today at least.  Hopefully this visit will result in a med or two to knock it out.  If you don't see me blogging for a few days, that'll be why.



  1. Lu and I are sending you healing thoughts. Get better soon!!

  2. Oh, yuck! I hate getting upper respiratories. At least it's better than the creeping crud. [ha ha] Anyway, I'm prone to them too. Been using a homemade Neti pot thingy for my sinuses with warm salt water. Sure clears out the pipes. You'll feel like you're never gonna stop blowing your nose but it beats taking drugs.

    Sending prayers for your rapid healing. ~:)

  3. Well after a doc visit I know what it isn't...
    It's not mono, not influenza, not strep. The chest X-ray will determine if it is pneumonia or not.
    Regardless, I feel like crap and have a low grade fever.

  4. Chicken soup doesn't do well with the trebuchet deliver system. So for now, just some prayers and well wishes. Nothing worse than August crud.


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