Saturday, February 7, 2015

A dog's life

Our youngest came to me in tears today, saying it was "that day" for her dog Cody.  Amidst hugs, I told her just to spend time with him outside, and to watch to see if he could still offload a landmine.  I also had to explain that what she thought was a skin failure, was not...which is good, because if that happens, it will be "that day".

She sat on the shelter roof, and I tried to coax Cody up beside her. He couldn't make it up the hill until the neighbor's dog began barking.  That got Cody up hill in a hurry, where he defended the yard with some barking of his own.  

I went back inside, but soon our youngest daughter came in, smiling, and she ran up to me, crying "he did it! " (doggie landmine).  

Today is a good day after all.  It is NOT "that day."



Middle age.

A senior.


  1. I am so happy for another day. Each day is indeed a gift.

  2. Aw cute pics. I dread the day that my dog will be ready to go to doggie heaven.


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