Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Expedition

After waking to yet more trouble with our new, expensive, dishwasher, today did not look like it was going to be a pleasant day.  Add to it, an unpleasant weather forecast of a possible ice storm, and a host of area burglaries, most after dark when folks are home.  Not good.  Not fun.

And yet...

Due to some out of the box thinking from DH, we were able to save the day, and fix the dishwasher!   Yay!   (The air gap had become blocked with debris, preventing the machine from draining.)
This allowed us time in the afternoon to make an expedition to a most wonderful store, Elliott's Hardware, in Plano.  This is not your big box store, Elliott's is an old family owned store, with employees who actually know how to find what little unobtanium widget you need.

We went in search of a product called the Door Stopper, recommended by some local police departments as a good way to help secure a door.  Though it seems the area police may have caught the evening burglar this week, as a general observation, the criminals are becoming bolder.  Additional security is NOT a bad thing!

After finding the kits, we had to peruse the other stuff in Elliot's.  There's a huge section of grilling implements, both Weber and Green Eggs,  plumbing fixtures, nuts, bolts and fasteners, and there's even a huge selection of old fashioned sodas, some I have not seen for sale since I was a kid.

Cheerwine and Ginger Beer
And then there was this...
 I'm not quite sure what to say about Leninade...Join the Party?

I think I'll pass!


  1. That debris in the air gap was about twelve dogs worth of dog hair... And no, the kids never stuffed any of the dogs in the dishwasher.

  2. Ok, so that Door Stopper thing.... It doesn't look like much in the way of security. How does it work?


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