Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Monster Under the Bed!

It has been a busy but pleasant Sunday morning thus far, despite an impending ice storm.  I was up a bit later than usual, having slept well, but not so late as to be unable to get the pork shoulder onto the smoker for some pulled pork for dinner, and to make some French Onion soup from Mom's tried and true recipe.

Whilst I was cleaning up from all this, and tending the smoker, I was unable to hear the sounds of distress in the house.  Eventually, my half-deaf DH heard the noise and responded to find a monster under our son's bed!

First, what greeted him as he got to Monkey2's room was this:  A room that appeared to have been "dumped"!  Had there been a struggle?  Where was Monkey2?

Then there was muffled noise, and much thumping!  It came from the area of the Captain's bed.  DH began to lift the mattress and flat board.  There was movement!  A monster!  Quick, somebody get the shotgun!

 Wait, is that a monster, or is it a Monkey?  I see a hand...and a familiar looking watch.

DH lifted the board that supports the mattress, and covers the Captain's bed storage area.  What emerged, was a somewhat monstrous, somewhat embarrassed, Monkey2.

I have no idea what he was doing under there, or how long he was stuck!  What with all the junk he has stuffed under there to hide it, perhaps he was searching for my missing spoons?

Somehow, I doubt it!


  1. LOL! A survivalist...he has everything he could want under there!!!...:)JP

  2. He looks like a kid who will be well prepared for adult life!

  3. I'm surprised you were able to find him! LOL

  4. It's amazing the places boys can hole up in.

  5. Just so you know, that soup recipe is mine......not mom's!! 😉


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