Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I find myself sitting in the waiting area off the MRI place this morning, happily full of coffee, cookies and peanut butter crackers.  DH is getting a scan of his wrist as the doc now suspects a fractured scaphoid.  So why am I grumbling?

Because yesterday, as I was happily looking through Half Price Books, my phone rang.  It was my bank, informing me my bank card had been hacked (again! ).  Crap.  I hate this.  This time it was fraudulent charges to some website in Italy, to the tune of over $400.  Fortunately, the bank denied the charge, but now I am stuck carrying cash or writing checks. 

I try hard to be careful in using my card in public or online.  I use Paypal when I am able, as it adds another layer of security.   But you cannot use Paypal everywhere.

It is so annoying.  I am not liable for the fraudulent charges, merely inconvenienced.  But I am still pissed. 

So if you hear me grumble at you, now you know why, and that it really isn't you I am grumbling about.

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