Friday, February 27, 2015

The return of Random 5 Friday! 02/27/15

Yay!  My friend at A Rural Journal, has restarted her blog, and fired up the Random 5 Friday meme!  I always loved that one, so here are my random 5 for this week.

1.  I want my 70*F and sunny days back!  I am yet again, facing a forecast of snow and ice, and cold.  It's not that usual in DFW to have this sort of weather,but at least it is some form of precipitation, so maybe the area lakes will benefit.

2.  I always knew that countries rose and fell throughout history, but I never really thought it would happen here, now, in my lifetime.

3.  I've really been enjoying the weightlifting I have been doing this winter.  I am seeing some positive body changes, and I really like seeing my lift numbers going up.  I will never lift really heavy like the guys can, but I do pretty well so far, for an over-50 woman!

4.  We have been selling off some accumulated 'stuff' via ebay.  Hopefully this will help pay for the major fence repairs we will be doing this spring once it warms up.  I think we are all tired of ducking under the mule tape that is holding up the north side fence run.

5.  Somebody is always following me around, especially if I wander into the kitchen.  He thinks it is always Time To Feed The Dog!
It's THAT time, Mom!


  1. So happy you participated! I think it will take awhile to get things going again, but that's okay. Poor puppy! I know that look well. :)

  2. I would love to have some 70 degree days but am just happy that we've had sunshine lately and no snow this winter.
    It's good you are doing weight lifting, I doubt I could (weak wrist) but I am trying to lose weight and exercise more.
    How could you not resist that adorable face.


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