Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clean bill of health

I'm a good dog, Mom!  Treat please!
Indy had to go the vet today.  For the last month or so, he has had a small lump/lesion at the outside corner of his eye.  Looked for all the world like a teenager with an acne blemish (but one that never headed up with pus.)  When we were out at TIRR rescue this last Sunday,  Roy the rescue founder, looked at it and suggested it might be a wee problem, and we should get it looked at.  I was able to get an appointment for early this morning.

Indy and I headed over there around 8:30 this morning.  The office was not crowded, but Indy was a little nervous and whiny.  After getting weighed in (84# thank you very much!) we saw the vet.  He did an impression smear of the lesion, where they press a glass slide onto the surface to pick up cells for microscopic exam.

We waited for the doc to come back, which Indy liked, since by then I had found the treat jar in the exam room!  Hungry dog is easily distracted....  And when the doc came back, he gave us a smile, and told me it was a Cutaneous Histiocytoma, totally benign, and should resolve itself (go away) in another 2 months without treatment.  YAY!  No surgery, no big vet bill, and no Cone of Shame!  I dread ever having to place Indy in the Cone of Shame...Cody was bad enough, knocking everything possible over by bulling past it.  I can only imagine the utter destruction Indy would wreak if forced to wear the Cone of Shame in my home.
Just say NO to the Cone of Shame, Mom!
So we just have to watch it, and it should go away by late spring.  I don't forsee any need to have it removed, which could be done if if it became a problem. 

And in other good news, Roy was able to find us a good match for after Cody has crossed the Bridge.  His name is Ranger, and he is a young handsome boy!  More on Ranger in future posts.


  1. Awesome news both the diagnosis and Ranger!!!...:)JP

  2. Thanks for sending me the photos of Ranger - he is such a handsome and happy lad.


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