Monday, March 16, 2015

Goals setback

Well, my goals for the year just took a major hit.  A fair bit of Marine Corps grade language got uttered in the doctor's office.  I just got the report on my shoulder MRI, and it isn't pretty.  Partial thickness(or was it partial full thickness?) tear of the sub scapular tendon, and the biceps tendon is also out of its groove.  This is eerily familiar.  It's practically identical to what was wrong with my right shoulder that was repaired in the winter of 2009.

That surgery took 12 weeks to get out of the brace and sling, and a couple months of therapy after.  
A scenario like that will pretty much crush the life out of my strength-fitness and my cycling season.  Doc did say I could probably start road riding the recumbent at 2 mo post-op.  And I can ride as much as I want on the bent before that, if I put it in the rear wheel trainer.  Two months on the trainer in the heart of the regular ride season is pretty much soul crushing, but at least I could keep my cardio up and some of my leg strength.  Doc also said NO lifting with the left side for 3 months post-op.  It scares me to think how much I will lose over a 3 month lay off.

Complicating all this is the need to fix our back fence.  DH really needs me functional to do this, and that means it has to be done before I have the surgery.  And we have to coordinate with out neighbor, and his schedule.  

All of that just shoves my surgery date further and further out.  And delays my healing.  IF I can get the fence done before a possible surgery date of April 16,  I might still salvage some of the ride season.  I theoretically could still do Hotter'n Hell, and should be fine for Octoginta.

If I wait until late October, everything would be great from an activity standpoint...BUT, I run the risk of the tendon contracting and not being repairable.  I got lucky on that front in 2009.   Due to DH's schedule back then, I had to wait two months to have surgery.  It went well then.  I might not be so lucky this time around.

I'm afraid of what I might lose, and what I might never get back.  I'm willing to put in the work to rehab this thing--it's NOT my first shoulder rodeo.  But to be honest it will probably be close to a full year to get back to where I am now strength wise.  I'm afraid to fall so far behind where WE are now.

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