Friday, March 13, 2015

Random 5 Friday: 03-13-15

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday the Thirteenth!

1. The ATF tried to sneak in a ban on a popular 5.56 ammunition that has been historically EXCLUDED from the LEOPA armor piercing law.  It irritated a LOT of folks.  They posted a "30 days comments window", but then it came out that they had already decided to ban it by dropping the exclusion normally included in their 'guidance manual', which only comes out roughly every 10 years, and requires extensive review prior to release by OMB.  Then they claimed it was only a 'publishing error'...yeah, pull the other one, it plays Jingle Bells.  Now, after serious outrage from Congress over their sneaky behavior, and over 80k public commentary, the ATF has decided to drop their attempt to ban m855 ammo.  Thank God for the internet, or we would have never known of their duplicity and they'd have gotten away with it.

2.  Had an MRI on my left shoulder Tuesday.  Probably an impingement, and general wear and tear in there finally hurting enough to do something about.  Doc says there is a marked weakness on the left resisting having my arm pushed in toward my side.  Might get away with just some cortisone shots, but more likely it will be surgical.  Joy...

3.   We have had some snow, ice and lots of rain here in NTX recently.  It was much needed moisture too.  It has warmed enough to be pleasant, but still not sunny.  I am hoping for some sunshine and warmer weather so I can get back out on the bike.  It has been too long, my poor bike is feeling neglected.

4.  I have found a show on the Beeb (BBC for the uninitiated) that is quite entertaining.  "Sherlock", a modern take on the AC Doyle Sherlock Holmes books.  Well cast, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes, and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit movies) as Dr Watson.  Watson is an MD, and British army veteran of Afghanistan, and Holmes is something of a sociopath by his own admission, and his brother Mycroft a British spymaster.  The scripts are witty, and well done.  So far there are three seasons, but only 3-4 episodes per season.  Season four won't come out until next year.    If you want to see a fun show, that is smartly done, check it out.  You can also find it on DVD at many rental stores.

5.  My thoughts and prayers are with the two officers and their families in Ferguson MO, who were ambushed Wednesday night, as an otherwise peaceful protest was ending, outside the police HQ.


  1. Oh dear to the shoulder. I do hope the cortisone helps. On the positive side, my friend Janet, a doctor herself, just had both her shoulders operated on...months apart...but everything went well, she is now pain free and has completely mobility in both her shoulders. Good luck and big hugs for strength. :D

  2. Good luck with the shoulder. No fun! I watch Sherlock on PBS and glad to hear it also shows up on BBC ... I'll look. I do wish they would do more than 3-4 episodes each year. Happy Friday.

  3. 1. Not being a person who knows anything about guns and ammunition I had no clue what you were talking about but apparently it was important to you. I'm not trying to sound rude either, it's just something I wouldn't have known anything about had I not read your post.
    2. I had shoulder impingment surgery several years ago & have never regretted it. You heal pretty quickly from it or at least I did.
    3. We haven't had snow at all here this winter. - I know it's probably going to really hurt us come summer but I didn't miss it.
    4. Never heard of the show but a lot of people seem to like BBC programs.
    5. Yes many prayers for this situation. What is wrong with people anymore.

  4. Great Random 5! Glad you mentioned about the sneaky ammo-ban try! We have been following that as well. You are so right about the helps one know a LOT of things that never are covered by the mainstream media! So sorry about your husband is having some serious issues with his right now, and I didn't know there was a surgery that could help. Perhaps that's also what he needs. Have a great week...hope it keeps getting warmer.

  5. i'm so sorry about your shoulder...hope you can get it fixed and it doesn't slow you down too much with your training...i love finding a good daughter has me hooked on grey's anatomy now so been watching that on netflix...wasn't feeling well yesterday and i must have watched about 10 episodes! thank you for linking and happy st. paddy's day! p.s. you should definitely try to make it to the marine corps museum...your husband would absolutely love husband is a former marine and was surprised at how much he learned! really super awesome place!


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